Forty Hall Estate Farm

The Farm Shop is open from 11am - 4pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Stop by to pick up some locally-grown organic veg or some of the Farm's delicious, organic meat!

Forty Hall Farm is an organic farm nestled in the estate. The farm is run by Capel Manor College, the only further education college in London that specialises in learning about the environment. The aim of the Farm is to become a centre of excellence that demonstrates and promotes sustainable food production.

Forty Hall is a mixed farm with a variety of animals, including many rare breeds. The farm is also home to London’s only vineyard, the Forty Hall Community Vineyard, and the new Forty Hall Farm Orchard.

Forty Hall Farm provides learning opportunities for Capel Manor students, across a range of part and full-time courses. In addition, it supports a variety of volunteer and community activities, as well as events and school visits.

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To find out more, visit the Forty Hall Farm website.

£2 Entry For Adults, Free For Children.

Forty Hall Orchard

In October 2011, a budding group of local volunteers set about planting a traditional fruit orchard on Forty Hall Farm. Since then, the group have planted over 120 fruit trees and over 300 fruiting hedgerow trees.

Forty Hall Orchard

Forty Hall Vineyard

Forty Hall Vineyard is an exciting, not-for-profit social enterprise that is establishing an organic vineyard at Forty Hall & Estate for the purpose of producing premium English wine.

Forty Hall Vineyard Page

Forty Hall Farm Shop

Stop by the Forty Hall Farm Shop to pick up locally grown produce.

Veg boxes, Organic and free range meat, plants and gifts available.

Forty Hall Farm Shop

Enfield Veg Co.

Enfield Veg Co is a weekly vegetable bag delivery scheme, selling veg grown on Forty Hall Farm and supplied by other local growers. Our aim is to make locally-grown, organic produce more accessible to people living in Enfield

Enfield Veg Co. website