Children's Activities

Forty Hall Estate Childrens Activities

A choice of free self-directed activities are available for families with children during our opening hours:

‘Forty Small' Trail Bags

This tactile photographic trail on a keyring will ask children the question ‘Can you find?’ and using glimpses of fascinating details from the interiors of the Hall lead them on an adventure of discovery. Turn over the page to reveal an exciting historic fact about it to share with others. Each trail bag requires a £5.00 deposit.

Hidden Trail Chests

Our four Hidden Trail Chests are for children aged 4-11 and are located around the Hall, enabling them to explore the rooms and their histories for themselves. Each chest has been hand carved and built in a Jacobean style and contains activity suggestions, handling items, costumes, and resources.

Dressing Up

Dress up as the princes and princesses who stayed in the Tudor Elsyng Palace in the Elsyng Room on the top floor or characters from Nicholas Rainton’s Mayoral Pageant in the Inner Chamber on the first floor.

Build a Palace!

Look at the artist's impression of King Henry VIII's Elsyng Palace and have a go at building your own!

Historic Kitchen Role Play

Pretend you are a cook or servant in the historic kitchen. Create a C17th ‘Grand Salad’ according to an old recipe, check your supplies in the Spice Cupboard or see if you can apply your strength to our replica butter churn.

Traditional Board Games

Chess, draughts, backgammon... take your pick. No hurry - settle down for a leisurely game in the Chamber on the first floor.

Reading and relaxing

Choose from a selection of books for all ages to read in splendour in the Inner Chamber.

Please Put All Costume, Prop And Handling Items Back After Use For Other Children! Forty Small Trail Bags Can Be Collected And Returned From Reception. Thank You.