International Youth Day at Forty Hall

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Aug. 14, 2017, 9:21 a.m.

Since International Youth Day is a calendar event commemorating appreciation for the youth of today, the fantastic opportunity to shed light on the Youth and the events we have designed for them is here.

Here at Forty Hall we are holding a variety of fantastic events that your child will definitely love! Whether they're a lover of arts or a lover of nature, there truly is something for everyone!

Add a little magic to one of their summer evenings by bringing them along to a performance of 'The Secret Garden' presented by Heartbreak Productions. This glittering show will reinforce the importance of friendship and hope to your child, moreover you and your child can bond over this classic children's tale. 'The Secret Garden' will inspire them to invest more of their summer into imaginative activities and keep them outside where their creativity can flourish. Bring the whole family along to this beautiful performance, held on 16 August at 6pm. If you are interested in booking tickets click here.

Keeping your child's mind fresh and giving them new ideas to consider throughout the summer is crucial, since they won't be in a learning environment anymore. Add some texture to how they think, by introducing them to the harvest of wheat. Bring your child along to our Harvest Time workshop, where they will learn about harvest and then enjoy harvest-inspired craft activities in the Hall. This includes making a scarecrow doll and a dough inspired wheat sheaf. For tickets book here.

Since it will be our biggest summer yet, take advantage of all the activities coming up and book a summer of fun for your child, especially in light of International Youth Day. Keep your child inspired this summer, open them up to experiences they might not have come across before and allow them to flourish in both academic and non-academic areas!
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