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08 Jan 2013

'A Day In The Life Of Work At Forty Hall & Estate'

Written by Kose Usiade (work experience student: Trinity Catholic High School)

“As most teenagers across the country arrive at school, a long day of work looming ahead, I rush through the beautiful grounds of Forty Hall & Estate as part of a two week work experience programme, eager to start my day.

At first I didn’t know what to think, I’d never worked before and my choice in placement meant I wouldn’t be with any school friends, but as I hopped out of the car, my mum’s voice of reassuring words calling behind me, I took a deep breath and walked through the doors.

Greeted with a big smiles from staff members Frances Cherry and Gavin Williams, I was briefed on the sort of things that happened in Forty Hall and all the work I’d be doing. Immediately, I felt welcome and knew I would have an interesting full day’s work and a full day’s work I had indeed!

As 60 children from Lavender Primary School rushed excitedly through the doors I got to work straight away, taking them around the house and helping them with different activities throughout the day.

My second day then started off with meeting new members of staff, sorting out folders, scanning and shredding and then shadowing Victoria Sanderson, (Business Development & Community Access Manager) to see what she does throughout the day.

So far I am really enjoying my time in the working world and at Forty Hall & Estate. I think I will have, if not already, gained a good insight into the world of work”.

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