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11 Jun 2021

Have you visited our Children’s Exhibition yet?

Thanks to the National Lottery’s Heritage Recovery Fund, we have been able to set up a new FREE exhibition especially for children, about the children that may have lived or worked at Forty Hall over the years.

If you have a mobile phone, there are elements accessible via QR codes, but if not, there is still plenty to learn on brightly coloured info panels, plus some audio & video elements too….and the whole thing is hosted by Master Rip Bowles, who was faithful canine companion to the Bowles family in the 1890’s!

You may also choose to purchase a Rip Trail pack, so you can help Rip locate his lost bones.

Rip the dog has hidden his bones so that he can play with them after his dinner, but now he's forgotten where he has put them.

Can you help him find them as you look around the rooms at Forty Hall? Mark on the map where you have seen them, so Rip can go and collect them after he has had his dinner and a nap.

Rip trail packs cost just £2.50 and include a certificate authorised with Rip’s paw print, a sticker saying you helped Master Rip and a jazzy multicoloured pencil for you to keep and enjoy.

Special thanks to the students of PQA Enfield for starring so brilliantly in our video and audio clips and Stitch N13 for creating our delightful dog trail bones.

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