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06 Oct 2014

Work Experience At Forty Hall.

My Work Experience At Forty Hall.

As a child I had often visited Forty Hall with parents and friends. Having enjoyed coming here, I never really understood the work that went on behind the house. I was interested to find out the types of jobs that needed to be done, especially in the office. Working with the marketing department has shown me how important advertisement is and the finance department how accurate everything has to be for things to run smoothly. Whilst working here, I was given many office tasks including creating excel and access databases and searching the internet for other organisations in the area. Another task included being placed at the reception desk, which has helped improve my social and independent skills. One quiet day, whilst at the reception desk, I had decided to draw on a scrap piece of paper when a member of staff walked by. Quite surprised by my doodling she decided to give me a new task to do. A drawing of the house, which would be considered for putting on merchandise in the shop. I have loved doing this and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get my artwork in a shop. This has taught me to never stop doing what I love because someone might just see it and love it too.
Another task that I was made to do was working at the till in the shop, and whilst this was not my favourite job, it has given me a good insight to what it would be like to work in a shop setting.
Other tasks that were given to me include cutting and decorating paper animals for a children’s event, which I have really enjoyed and hope that the children at the event will enjoy decorating them too.
Working here has taught me many things about a modern workplace. A lot of tea and coffee is drunk and pens always seem to get lost when you need them, but most of all, the experience has allowed me to develop many social and computer skills in a healthy work environment.
The staff here are great company and are so good to work with, and I have really enjoyed my time working here.

Veronika Ammirati.

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