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28 Jan 2014

Volunteering - Pearl Gooding

My time at Forty Hall lead to more than one discovery

Forty Hall is a hidden gem I remember discovering when I was younger and I have treasured memories from there ever since. I decided it would be an interesting place to gain work experience and after emailing my CV, I joined as an Events and Project Assistant. I started of conducting research for a project on Elsyng Palace; a Tudor period palace located on the grounds of Forty Hall. Although it was a while since I studied History and it wasn’t my favourite subject, I found that discovering about the past and it’s relation to local sites I am familiar with drew me further into the project and wanting to find out more. Overall my research about the Tudor period and Elysng Palace contributed to a work booklet and worksheets that have been published and placed around Forty Hall to enhance the educational experience. Other tasks I was involved with also included admin tasks as well as assisting at events, where I got creative and worked closely with the public.

One of my biggest accomplishments whilst being at Forty Hall involved helping plan and set up an interactive Black History Month display. This involved collaborating with other people to research various historical figures and I was able to make suggestions about games that could be incorporated into the display to make it educational as well as fun. As well as working closely with a designer, I also carried out various marketing activities such as creating e-flyers to email to local schools and the public. This was a rewarding project that enabled me to work closely with people from different backgrounds; use a range of skills to help in various areas such as research, planning and marketing and witness people engaging in with a display that I had made a contribution to.

Working at Forty Hall with different people has given me insight as well as experience in the how events and projects come together within an organisation and this will benefit me in future roles.

I leave knowing that I want to build a career with a role that involves variety in an interesting environment as this what I enjoyed most about being at Forty Hall. I hope people continue to visit Forty Hall as it is an unique part of Enfield, London and is a place so rich in history that there is always a discovery to be made.

I decided to join to gain work experience to enhance my CV, however, I also discovered I had the opportunity to contribute to Forty Hall so others of all ages can come and enjoy its beauty, history and leave with fun and enjoyable memories too.

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