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11 Jun 2013

Volunteering At Forty Hall - Joyce Oxley

Since I have started volunteering as an administration assistant at Forty Hall I have been made to feel a valuable member of the team.

It is a lovely place to work and the staff are endlessly patient and helpful. I have met some lovely people who also help around the house.

I have often visited the house and gardens in the past but had not appreciated how much work is going on in the background to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

I have learnt some interesting and valuable new skills such as updating the website with new events, news items and adding photographs so that visitors can get all the information that they need quickly and easily.

I have also learnt how to create links to other websites and email address's through the Forty Hall website so that other organisations with links to the Hall can be contacted.

I have helped to create a welcome pack for the work experience students to help prepare them for their time at Forty Hall.

It has been interesting to read their blogs about how much they have enjoyed it here, despite their preconceptions of what a museum would be like.

I also help with updating records using spreadsheets, recording visitors comments from the visitors book which can be very illuminating.

I look forward to coming to Forty Hall each week to see what is in store for me and what I can do to help in this beautiful place.

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