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11 Jun 2013

Volunteering At Forty Hall & Estate By Clement Ikazoboh

I joined Forty Hall & Estate as a volunteer in September 2012.I started working as a Front of House assistant.Having had an induction it was very helpful in carrying out my job role.My job as Front of House Assistant was to greet and welcome visitors to the House as the first point of contact and also record the number of visitors.

As this is a historic house I tell the visitors a little about the history before they proceed to see the rest of the building.It was my duty to direct visitors, showing them the entrance to the first room known as the Great Hall.I tell them to look out for the signs that clearly guide them through their way around the various rooms from the Great Hall.I also tell visitors about the lift that will allow them to see the whole house.

It was a very good experience working in the Front of House because it actually boosted my self confidence whilst meeting different people from diverse cultures, mostly adults and the elderly.Some people share their personal thoughts and opinion of the House with me, the few that have done so have always given very positive remarks about the House especially those who had seen the House before it was renovated. Visitors have always been warm.Sometimes school children come for a special guided tour around the house, and it is obvious they really enjoy the visit because they have different games to educate them.I also had an opportunity to interact with other volunteers.

The Operations Manager was always there to assist with any difficulty encountered especially providing answers to questions regarding the house that I couldn’t provide to visitors.I have been able to learn a great deal about the man who built and occupied the house, Sir Nicholas Rainton a haberdasher who later became Lord Mayor of London in 1629 –1632.I have learnt how to communicate and relate in the British working circle.No day was ever the same because the visitors were different people and it was a new experience every time.After working for a while in the Front of House, Volunteers were invited for an evening gathering where we were personally given certificates presented to us by the Worshipful the Mayor of Enfield to acknowledge that we were appreciated for volunteering with Forty Hall & Estate.I was privileged to be part of a video where I talked briefly of my role in Forty Hall & Estate.It was encouraging for seeing how Forty Hall & Estate appreciates the work I do for them.

Looking for a different experience I changed department in March from Front of House to Administration where I started working under the Business Development & Community Access Manager who I see as a mentor.In my new role as Administration assistant, I have been introduced to Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.I have used Microsoft Excel to input data on spread sheet of Stock taken from the shop with description of item, number, unit price and total. I have used Microsoft Office Outlook to send emails as required.Also I have written on Letter Headed papers using Microsoft Word.Learnt how to scan documents, file them in the shared drive. Posting mails internally.

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