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16 Jul 2014

Two Weeks In Forty Hall By Rebecca Chitolie

I chose Forty Hall & Estate for my work experience, because I thought that I would learn different skills. I am very interested in media and history, and I wanted to find a way to combine them into a career but I didn’t know of a job that did this. While I worked I Forty Hall & Estate I found many.

I actually learnt more than I expected I would, which was a great surprise. I set up events and took groups of school children around the house on a tour. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, as I didn’t know that much about the house. However, the more times I did the tours, the more I felt comfortable and actually enjoyed talking and interacting with different age groups and telling them about the house, as my knowledge grew throughout the days.

On my first day I was introduced to Forty Hall & Estate and each member of staff. The shop and planned events were clearly explained.

I am interested in advertising, so I thought that I would learn a little of how Forty Hall is advertised, but not a lot. However to my surprise I learnt how to set up a photo shoot to advertise their products. This was very beneficial for me because this is what I am really interested in and I do not think I would have had such pleasure in learning this anywhere else.

I have learnt many skills in my work experience and it has opened my eyes to different career paths that I did not even consider before my work experience.

I have had a lovely time working here and I would definitely recommend it to others looking for work experience.

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