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02 Jul 2014

Public Statement About The Cedar Of Lebanon Tree

– Second Oldest In The Country And Much Loved Locally.

The Council’s Arboriculture Team has been monitoring the Cedar of Lebanon for a number of years.

Over the years a number of incidents have occurred relating to branch breakage followed by extensive operations to reshape the crown of the tree and reduce weight bearing on the branch system.

The monitoring of this tree has been consistent and recently has taken place as part of Enfield’s Parks Risk Management survey. This has identified a fungal fruiting body that has become apparent within the crowns main structure. The significance of which is the loss of strength that often leads to brittle fracture near the stem base, even at a fairly early stage of decay. Decay initiated above ground can lead to branch snap or breakout, as has been experienced in recent years with this tree.

Following consideration by the Parks Service it has been decided that usage has had to be moved away from the base of the tree via the installation of a fence along with appropriate signage to stop people from congregating under the tree. A temporary fence has been erected, pending the installation of a permanent fence at a later date.

In addition to informing Ward Councillors we will be providing information to relevant stakeholders and park users to explain the reasons why the fence is necessary. Whilst the installation of a fence is unfortunate, the Parks Service has tried to balance the safety of park users with the protection of this much loved tree.

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