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31 May 2013

My Work Experience Placement At Forty Hall & Estate By Gabriella Ruggiero

Forty Hall & Estate has been an invaluable experience. The skills I have acquired and the confidence I have gained are positive assets to put into practice for my future career.

The staff have been extremely welcoming and informative which helped me feel at ease on the first day. The majority of the tasks I was set were new however, the challenge was great motivation. I have written press releases that will inform the local press about upcoming events and activity days that will take place at Forty Hall.

I was also assigned the task of conducting a detailed report outlining the feedback from visitors, and I had to visually demonstrate the responses using excel graphs. This required me to use Excel spreadsheets and now I feel fully confident using this software. In doing this process I have learnt how to format and layout an appropriate report moreover, the key pieces which must be outlined in every paragraph.

An important aspect of Forty Hall is the marketing strategy to appeal to many people; I was assigned a task of completing a marketing strategy in order to draw the attention of young people to Forty Hall. Within this I had to propose the possible exhibitions and activities that would attract young people. For this marketing strategy to be successful I had to provide alternative advertising campaigns to inform people about the wide range of activities that take place. This whole task required deep thinking and most importantly the activities I proposed had to include some form of practicality.

Another new experience I had the possibility of taking part in was managing Forty Hall and Estate’s shop, Gavin the Operations and Sales Manager demonstrated the importance of visual merchandising and how this will entice people to purchase from the shop. I had also been assigned the general administration work which ranges from collating contact information from clients to inputting data into various excel spreadsheets.

Forty Hall work experience has provided me with real insight into the work place and at the same time I have developed many skills which will be beneficial for my future.

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