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15 Jul 2013

My Work Experience At Forty Hall By Thabitha

My Work Experience

I spent two weeks doing work experience at Forty Hall where I thoroughly enjoyed myself, at first I thought it was going to be quite hard but it turned out to be a worthy experience.

Organising my placement at Forty Hall was really easy all I had to do was fill in and send an application form through email. Once I found out I had been accepted I came for an induction which was really helpful.

During my time at the hall I was able to do a variety of jobs; my favourite was taking primary kids on a tour around and in the building two times a week as they were really keen on doing the tour which made it better.

Another type of job I was able to do was work on projects for future events in the hall such as making a trail for children as well as make a presentation on weddings to be put on the Forty Hall website.

I was also able to do

·some filing

·transferring information into a database

·helping set up an exhibition

·meeting and guiding customers

·creating word documents for members of staff

·work with other work experience students

·research information

·some arts and crafts

·various other good tasks

The jobs weren’t that hard to do and I was able to ask for help because all the staff were genuinely friendly people and me feel valued in the work place.

The experience really was great.

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