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04 Dec 2014

My Work Experience At Forty Hall By Machel Powell

My Work Experience at Forty Hall by Machel Powell

During my two weeks at Forty Hall, I began doing various tasks that I thought I would never do. I found my time at Forty Hall very challenging and interesting. Also fun. I’ve enjoyed the two weeks that I’ve spent here and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. The staff at Forty Hall have been very helpful and friendly. I also met Victoria and Rihanna who were very nice and helpful - they helped me on the computer and also gave me a timetable of what I would be doing during the two weeks coming.

On the same the first day I worked with Gavin who told me some breathtaking facts about the house. He showed the facilities around the house. The various tasks I had to do were a little bit tricky, but at the end I got the hand of it. One of my first tasks was to help organise the tables in different rooms in the house. I also helped Gavin put up some picture frames and posters that had history/small facts about the house. Then I helped him transport boxes and goods around the house, eventually putting those in the house attic. I was greeted to another staff member; Zoe, who was very nice and helpful. I helped her place out two chairs around the house and wrap some clothing around the pipes in the cellar, which I found very easy and enjoyable.

My other tasks were to use the till, which I was shown to do - which I really appreciated. Normally I have problems with my confidence but at the end I managed to do it. There is so much more. I was also assisted to greet the public whilst they came through the main entrance of the house. I was also assigned to hand the public leaflets & guide them to their destinations. I then helped another staff member to complete listed tasks to do around the house. These tasks were moving boxes to the attic and setting out the plates and tables. Beforehand I was introduced to the box office called Spextrix by Victoria which I found very easy to operate on since I have a good knowledge of computers. I was shown how to add customers to the database and how to get familiar with Microsoft Excel which I don’t use that often.

I have also gained knowledge of the history of Forty Hall. The person who owned the property during the 16th century, Sir Nicholas Rainton who then went on to become Mayor of London. After that, I began working with other staff members who were also friendly and helpful. It is a great environment to work in. At first, I thought it would be boring because it is Forty Hall but I realised it isn’t so bad. I have gained knowledge of how it is to be working in a work place. The skills I’ve gained are communicating with people, being helpful and polite and also being a good listener.

I would like to thank the staff at Forty Hall for a great two week experience and I hope to see you at the house, sometime soon. Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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