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23 Jul 2013

My Work Experience At Forty Hall By Joseph Rebak

I undertook a variety of different roles whilst carrying out my work experience at Forty Hall. These included assisting in the shop, welcoming customers at the front desk, laminating documents and creating ideas for games. My 2 weeks spent at Forty Hall were very enjoyable and fulfilling.

The tasks I was assigned to complete included the following:

  • Creating different types of games for the younger children to play when they visited Forty Hall.
  • Laminating documents.
  • Drawing a diagram of the environment and trees in order to assist with the hiding of objects for one of the games.
  • Transferring information from a physical database on paper into a computerized database/excel spreadsheet.
  • Working with others drawing up a PowerPoint presentation regarding how death and the potential afterlife are viewed in different cultures.
  • Helping in the shop by pricing up products and rearranging them to look presentable and neat for customers.
  • Producing riddles for the riddle trail for visiting children to carry out.

I have really enjoyed myself and I am glad that Forty Hall let me take part in their work experience programme.

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