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09 Apr 2013

My Unforgettable Time At Forty Hall & Estate - Tyrrell Greaves

While most Year 10s were at school doing their exams and all sorts, I was getting ready for two luxurious weeks of work experience at Forty Hall & Estate which I was eager to start on a high on my first day.

At First I Did Not Know What To Do Because I Had Never Been To This Place Before Or At Least This Part Of Enfield, So I Was A Bit Nervous.

I got there an hour early and saw this wonderful big house and wondered what I would be doing there. Then I saw a tall man entering the building and with all my confidence I asked him if he worked here. He said he was the Operations Manager and he told me some facts about the house and also what I would be doing here on my two weeks. I was very happy and confident about this new experience because the staff were very friendly and funny.

I was working with two other work experience students, called Nora Koch, who was from Germany on an exchange and was super smart and knew how to speak four languages, and Daniel Benson. We shared something in common and that was our sense of humour and he was a really funny guy.

So my stay at Forty Hall was unforgettable and I was very keen to stay.

It Was Not Only A Job, But It Was Like A Family.

The house was scary and a bit creepy but it brought people together and I loved it!

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