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21 May 2013

My Time At Forty Hall By Priscilla Osei

I have been given a lot of tasks at Forty Hall & Estate which I believe will help me in the future. I have done a lot of administration work and paper work. I have also planned events on how Forty Hall could attract more teenagers. I have answered telephone calls and people’s enquiries concerning the hall, this has helped me with not feeling so nervous when picking up the phone. I have met and greeted a lot of people as they came into the hall and directed them to wherever they needed to go. I did some work with Gavin (Operations and Sales Manager) at the shop showing me how important visual merchandising is, in order to attract more customers. My course is mostly about focusing on how business organisations operate the key concepts and principles related to success in the world of business and the skills needed to work in the business world. Exploring key introductory business theory, whilst using my own creativity and entrepreneurial skills to apply that theory to my own business idea. The types of costs businesses incur from start-up costs to the ongoing daily expenditure of running a business. Learning the financial planning tools (budgeting, cash flow forecasting) and how to measure the results using financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet). I have learnt how to do a lot of stuff with computers that I didn’t know how to do before e.g. working in excel with spreadsheets. I have learnt how to work as a team. Sending emails, putting dates and appointments into the calendar, photocopying, binding, and filing. I have really enjoyed working with such lovely members of staff. Everyone here has been really nice and considerate. Everyone has made an effort with me and made me feel as if I have always been here. I have enjoyed the experience of seeing how it would be managing and running a business, I have also enjoyed seeing how it would be to work in an office. Overall I am delighted that I picked Forty Hall for my work experience because it gave me a real insight into the work place.

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