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24 Feb 2013

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a national initiative addressing the issue of food waste. Wasting food and drink is not only a waste of money but also an unnecessary waste of energy and natural resources which went into the production, storage, preparation, packaging and transportation of that food. WRAP, http://www.wrap.org.uk/, is the organisation that has been running Love Food Hate Waste campaigns in London and elsewhere in UK. More details on the initiative can be found at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.

We are taking Love Food Hate Waste to a community level by recruiting volunteer Food Champions to pass on the message within their communities – Volunteer Centre Enfield is helping with this. We offer training sessions for people who wish to take an active role in reducing food waste. The incentive for this might be to help people to reduce their food waste or save money on food that might otherwise have been thrown away, or both. The training can be tailor-made for the needs of the trainees.

We have already run some training sessions and it would be great to run one for your staff and volunteers, and any other individuals you think might be interested in reducing food waste. We could run a training session in your premises if you have suitable space for it. We have lots of materials to help people passing on the message and freebies that help reducing the amount of food we throw away.

Learn some top tips for saving money, wasting less food and helping the environment by coming to a free workshop at Organic Lea.

Love Food Hate Waste and Volunteer Centres Hackney & Enfield want to help as many people as possible across London. We're looking for Food Champions - local people who can help pass on the message. Learn how you can inspire your friends, colleagues and neighbours to save on their household food waste, save money and save the environment. Our workshop will inform and equip you with a wealth of knowledge, information and practical tips. You will also receive lots of free resources to help pass the message on.
As a Food Champion you can give as much or as little time as you like.

Organic Lea is a workers’ co-operative growing food on London’s edge in the Lea Valley. They have opened their doors to us to hold a Love Food Hate Waste workshop as part of their January Open Day on January 27th. Our workshop will be 2pm-3pm. The Open Day is from 12-4 and will have lots of activities to get involved in throughout the day. The address for Organic Lea is 115 Hawkwood Crescent, Chingford, E4 7UH.

These sessions are free and available for anyone living, working or studying in the London Boroughs of Waltham Forest, Enfield and Hackney.

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