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09 Apr 2014

'Lest We Forget' First World War Commemoration

A ‘Lest We Forget’ First World War commemorative feature is being created for the Forty Hall Estate. The preparation/ground work has been done, and poppy seeds are soon to be planted.

The location was moved slightly from the original intent following discussions with Enfield Archaeology Society to ensure we avoided the footing of the earlier buildings and roads, but is still centrally aligned on the lime avenue.

Our volunteer aerial photographer will make a film.

3 benches (each with 4 paving slabs at the foot of each bench) will be removed to reveal the feature as viewed from the 1st and 2nd storeys of the Hall - this would retain 5 benches on the North Lawn.

Grass seed will be placed on the trenching scar in front of the Hall.

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