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08 Oct 2013

Intriguing Ceramic Sculptures At Forty Hall

Please Note This Is A Press Archive. This Took Place In October 2013.

The exhibition, titled Under the Mantle is a collection of life-size female ceramic figures, busts, figurines, fragments, and portraits which adorn the historic rooms and the Grand staircase at Forty Hall this autumn.These hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking sculptures will invite you to imagine the lives of women who once lived at Forty Hall.

These unique sculptures were made by Elaine Wilson, highly regarded British Artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally.Elaine's themes and use of materials such as lace and thread will trigger your imagination and will illuminate the past lives of women who would have worked and lived at Forty Hall.

Cllr Bambos Charalambous, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Youth and Localism, said: “Elaine Wilson has exhibited widely in America and Europe, and to have the work of such a talented artist displayed at Forty Hall is brilliant for the borough.”


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