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17 May 2013

Highgate School Student Hristo Kunin Tells Us About His Work Experience At Forty Hall

My time at Forty Hall & Estate by Hristo Kunin

At Forty Hall I learned a lot about the life of grown up. The staff here are very kind and friendly; they always help you and explain what you are supposed to do. On the first day I felt very nervous and unconfident but after that I met everyone from the building and felt more confident and interested in the work here. I worked with Gavin Williams, Operations & Sales Manager for most of the week and helped him with everything I could. Also I did some individual work.

The work here was interesting because it was different everyday; one day you could be hanging pictures up for an exhibition; the other you could work on the shop till or the computer. There is variety of work experience here so you can find your favourite tasks and stay there till the end of your work experience.

To be honest the work was not easy but also not that hard. I loved the place because it was one of the most interesting places you could have for work experience. This place made me think about my life, the life that is coming soon, the future life of a grown up. It showed me how you got to work hard to get your money.

For me this was the best work placement I could have got. My message to all the future pupils that are sent here for work experience is ‘don’t get annoyed because it’s a historic house it’s actually so interesting here you will enjoy your time.’

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