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22 May 2012

Heritage Lottery Fund Launches New Small Grants Programme (UK)

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced the launch of a new £1million small grants programme for people to get involved in their heritage. Called “All Our Stories”, the programme will provide grants of £3,000 - £10,000 to support charities, community groups and heritage organisations running local history projects. The type of activities that can be supported include:

  • Visits to places like historic buildings, landscapes, parks, burial grounds, museums, archaeological sites or industrial heritage sites like railways.
  • Using collections like archives, libraries and museums, including collections held by people in the community.
  • Talking to people who know about heritage or holding workshops, talks and sessions exploring people’s memories.
  • Recording things like people’s memories or local wildlife. Scanning old photographs and documents; archaeological digs or surveying historic buildings.

To be eligible for funding organisations will need to share what has been learnt by holding or producing things like:

  • Community events
  • Digital things like smart phone apps,
  • DVDs or websites
  • Display boards
  • Exhibitions
  • Guides/trails
  • Leaflets or books
  • Packs for schools
  • Performances.

HLF is working in partnership with universities throughout the UK to offer support with activities. The closing date for applications is the 31st July 2012. http://www.hlf.org.uk/HowToApply/programmes/Pages/Allourstories.aspx

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