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29 Aug 2014

Healthy Eating Workshop At The Nice Green Cafe

The Nice Green Cafe At Forty Hall & Estate, Was Commissioned By Enfield Council To Provide A 'Healthy Living On A Low Budget' Workshop For Enfield Residents. Here Are Some Of Their Comments.

My visit to the café at Forty Hall, Helen Tindale - Healthy Living on a Low Budget.
Helen is the driving force of the Café at Forty Hall, and it is fortuitous that she is able to not only serve the public but contribute her time to teach people how to cook, healthily and on a budget!
Teaching people how to cook, she is patient, informative, health & safety conscious but friendly and helpful as well. My attendance at this venue, sponsored by Enfield Council was time wisely spent, and rewarding, for I can now cook a maincourse, starter & dessert which was a soup, a super simple delicious salad, crumble of Plum & Pear, and scones.
This was a well presented course and I enjoyed it. People who filed to attend have no idea what they missed.
This was an opportunity to learn new skills and new skills for life, namely healthy cooking.
I thank Helen Tindale and the hospitality of her staff for a warm welcome and for hosting a delightful afternoon. Sincerely, Richard – Enfield Homes

I attended the course at Forty Hall Café. I found it to be really good.
Helen Tindale was very informative & helpful, with good teaching skills. I learned a lot from her and the staff there. She taught me in a few hours a lot of useful things.
I would love to do it again in the near future under Helen’s guidance. Maybe a Bread Making course, along those lines.
Thank you very much. I hope to see you all again.
Sue – Enfield Homes

The session of 2½ hours was well spent and I got to know quite a lot of the basic requirements on Healthy Cooking.
It was quite a practical session, and encouraged active participation throughout.
The tutor was very understanding and very familiar on what she was doing and how she passed on the necessary information to those on the programme.
I have learnt how to prepare some nice & easy dishes which I will endeavour to practice on.
My overall evaluation is that the session was a satisfactory one, which should be held regularly.
Ed – Enfield Homes

If anybody is interested in holding more 'Healthy Living on a Low Budget' workshops, pleaase contact Helen Tindale at The Nice Green Cafe on 07779 026 052 or email nicegreen cafe@gmail.com

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