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09 Apr 2013

Gaining Experience And Making New Friends

My name is Daniel Benson, I am 14 years old and I am currently a pupil at Friern Barnet School. As a pupil in year 10 I am expected to do a two week work experience. Thankfully I chose Forty Hall & Estate. While others chose dull expected jobs, I was situated in this stunning house with beautiful ponds and a farm.

I wandered around the therapeutic grounds and made my way to the door. I was greeted by a array of smiling faces, taken on a tour of the house where I met more members of staff and learned a lot more about the building. I thought I was going to be shy, but I found myself gaining a definite boost of confidence, while being at Forty Hall; it almost felt like home.

It was Tuesday, time to work. Surprisingly I was not too worried about it because I felt comfortable with the people around me. The full day of work was a bit of a struggle, but the next day I knew what I was doing and completed everything quickly with the help of two other students doing work experience, Tyrrell and Nora. Within a matter of a day I became very close to them, exchanging food at lunchtime, sharing secrets.

I Would Like To Think That Forty Hall Brings People Together A Lot Faster Than Usual.

I would recommend Forty Hall to anyone who was interested in working here. I have taken away many life skills in this space of two weeks. I have truly had the time of my life. It felt like one big family and I will miss having to go, but I have ambitions to fulfil.

I cannot thank Forty Hall enough for how well they have taken care of me and treated me, and I would love to work here in the near future.

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