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01 Dec 2011

Forty Hall Visitor Book

A few weeks ago Andrew Parker Bowles, a former resident of Forty Hall, visited the Hall and was shown around to view the changes that have been made so far, as part of the Forty Hall Development Project. The Bowles family resided at Forty Hall from 1895 until 1951, when the Hall was sold to the Municipal Borough of Enfield.Andrew Parker Bowles, kindly, brought with him his family’s Forty Hall visitor book which was compiled when living at the Hall.

The visitor book dates from approximately 1911-1921 and is full of signatures of visitors, family photos (both inside in Hall and in the grounds), newspaper clippings and sketches/drawings.

The visitor book will be reproduced as part of our interpretation plans and visitors to the Hall will have the opportunity to marvel over this fascinating book once we re-open again in 2012. In the interim, we have included a couple of photographs of internal rooms and a colourful drawing from the book to allow you a glimpse in to what to expect when you see the rest of the publication next year.

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