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29 Aug 2012

Forty Hall & Estate Presented With A 'Timely Gift'

Anglo/ American author Suzy Stewart Dubot has published a novella inspired by the surroundings and history of Forty Hall & Estate.

‘The Timely Gift’ draws heavily on her keen interest of the Regency period, ‘I visited Forty Hall on several occasions when it was still a museum… knowing that Forty Hall was already well established by the Regency period, it seemed the perfect setting.’

'A wonderful house with an interesting history’.

The story, set around two events occurring centuries apart, is held together by the common backdrop of Forty Hall. Time-travel and mystery are interwoven into the narrative making it an absorbing read.

Inspired by visits to local stately homes as an Enfield resident for fifteen years, Suzy prefers to write about familiar surroundings. ‘One should write about what one knows. I know a little about Enfield, Hertfordshire and London… so my Regency romances are situated in those regions.’

An exclusive extract is available to read below:

"Ivan Tait, Lord Palmer, has a gift. One might suppose that it is his astounding good looks but one would be wrong. His gift is not visible. Just when he could use it, it does nothing to prevent him from opening the wrong door and ...?"

‘The Timely Gift’ pdf is available here to download

Visit Suzy Stewart Dubot’s website here

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