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15 Jan 2014

Forty Hall & Estate: Christmas Market. A Review By Local Young Reporter:Valencia Tyrell

Getting into the Christmas spirit is a breeze when you've attended a Christmas Market at Forty Hall & Estate. The Hall held their yearly Christmas Market on Saturday 30th November, kicking off the festive season.

At the Christmas market there were a variety of stalls selling different items. One of the stalls was selling hand made items, such as brooches, pin cushions and tiny bags. The stall owner reported that Forty Hall & Estate was a great venue to sell at and that being local was a bonus. Their bestsellers were the robin bird and tiny bag which contained chocolate money.

Another of the sellers sold hand made jewellery and told me how they had started their business two years ago. They also reported that Forty Hall was a good venue to sell at due to it being local and that customers were pleased with the variety of products on sale. The third seller I spoke to was selling hand made knitted clothing; with the majority being for little children. After having been knitting for a long time this seller has been selling at markets for eight months now.

I myself brought a few items for myself and presents for others. The Forty Hall & Estate Christmas market was a great success, helping local people in the community sell their products, as well as being a good day out for the family whilst getting the community into the Christmas spirit.

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