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22 Jul 2014

Food Blogger Sessions, Marzipan Bacon, Firs Farm School

Today I tasted something from the Forty Hall Kitchen which has not been tasted for over 300 years. The name of this dish was ... Marzipan Bacon.

The dish looked like… a piece of bacon/a sandwich that is all crumbled/a sweet/red and yellow. It was very… nice/smooth/sweet/salty/crumbly.

I thought it would taste… like real bacon/very nice/dessert/better than it was/yummy but after I tasted it, it reminded me of… soup/vinegar/flowers/animal puke! /salty plastic and not my mum made/a pancake/soft cookies/when I drank a terrible drink.

I was surprised that… it was actually cake/I thought it would taste nice but it didn’t/it didn’t taste of bacon/it was so hard to make/food what I made was nice/the bacon wasn’t cooked.

I liked that… they made the bacon different/we got to taste it and do some baking and I liked the yellow bit/bacon was actually cake.

Compared to my favourite modern dish it was… really, really disgusting/not very nice/kind of nice.

I think the reason it is not eaten widely today is… people haven’t tasted it in 40 years/other people make different things/it is not normal.

I would like to make this again for my friends or family because… it would be delicious.

I would not like to make this again for my friends or family because… I did not like it/they would maybe not like it/it is not nice/it tasted horrible.

With Thanks To.. Hezehiah, Aneta, Tut, Christian, Shanelle, Teesha, Georgio, Eloise, Deah

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