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22 Jul 2014

Food Blogger Sessions, Firs Farm School, Sallet Of Cold Hen

Today I tasted something from the Forty Hall Kitchen which has not been tasted for over 300 years. The name of this dish was A Sallet of Cold Hen.

The dish looked like… salad with chicken, a very colourful dish and it looked spicy/A chicken salad/delicious/ a peachy cream/ a bunch of different things/very yellow/salad that you couldn’t buy/ a mix of chicken, apple onions and green things/it didn’t look nice because it had been put on the plate really badly/mixed spices with chicken/a rainbow of tasty things.

It was very… nice/tasty/ disgusting/ sweet /cold/ spicy/ delicious/hot …and the texture was… perfect/bumpy/great/crunchy and soft/juicy/amazing/smooth/creamy /horrible/hard/soft/squishy/outstanding.

I thought it would taste… horbal/tangy/ like a chicken/a bit sour/like a normal dish/like rabbit/awful/lovely/ a normal salad/pudding/tough/too spicy and hard/ horrible/good/salty … but after I tasted it, it reminded me of… a snail/my mums food/an ancient salad/ butter/ my grandma’s chicken/ FIRE BECAUSE IT WAS VERY HOT LIKE FIRE!/smoothing smooth/my birthday cake/some curry I tasted last year/roast chicken/Istam bul/ a yummy dessert

I was surprised that… there were bones in it/it was nice with apple/I liked it/it wasn’t nice/it wasn’t too spicy/the recipe included vinegar/it was wonderful

I liked that… it was very good/it have even amounts of ingredients/ it had apple/the shape was beautiful

Compared to my favourite modern dish it was… delicious/different, I like pizza/very good and I would have it again/better because I made it/squishy and cold/ as good as my favourite food

I think the reason it is not eaten widely today is… it’s hard to make/ because it’s quite old and new foods have been invented/because it’s not normal, it wasn’t mixed/ food goes out of fashion/some things are a bit better/because it was a long time ago so no one remembers/it looked weird.

I would like to make this again for my friends or family because… it was different/it was nice and I want them to taste it/I think they would like it/they can have a try/it is a nice experience/I think they will enjoy it/it’s full of flavour and very tasty and both my parents love flavour

I would not like to make this again for my friends or family because… I did not like it/they would maybe not like it/it tasted a bit raw

With Thanks To… Ellie, Gabriel, Khadija, Victor, Nathaniel, Sam, Serdil, Charis, Senene, Maddison, Ziro, Shennel, Bari, Alannah, Reanna, Denis, Amar, Ruya, Wayne, Merve, Naima, Races , Daisy, Leila

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