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28 May 2014

Food Blogger Session, Class 3B, Grand Salad - St Andrews CE Primary School

Today I tasted something from the Forty Hall Kitchen which has not been tasted for over 300 years. The name of this dish was Grand Salad

The dish looked like … the Eiffel Tower/mountain of rainbow coloured food/a mountain of froot/a mountain of edible vegetables/a tall mountain with oranges/a rainbow in the sky.

It was very… scrumptious/horrible/good made/ezotik/exotic/tasty/viberant/good/ yummy and the texture was… more fresh/nice/crunchy/filled with taste/a fresh explosion of flavours on my tongue/grand/smooth/hard.

I thought it would taste… fruity & stuff/scrumptious/delicious/different/a little bit yucky/lovely & good/chicken/nice but after I tasted it it reminded me of… fruit & egg/my mum’s food/the taste of a turkey, good/the sun/fresh, delicious vegetables & fruit/a mountain/yuck & mud/my Grandad.

I was surprised that… it’s so fresh/I like it/I ate it/I loved it/it had a pattern across it/how different it was/it was filled up like a mountain/the date tasted sweet, because I’d never tasted it.

I liked that... the oranges really popped out/because it’s healthy/it looked fancy & tasty to eat/the flavours & colours matched/because of the radishes/I liked it very much.

Compared to my favourite modern dish it was… I reckon it’s about because they are so nice/the same as my favourite food/so, so tasty & scrumptious to eat/a nice texture & good colours.

I think the reason it is not eaten widely today is… because they came up with new ideas/that it tasty but people don’t wanna eat because of the design/that it too much flavours for some people.

I would like to make this again for my friends or family because… I think they might like it/I would like to make it again/it looked ugly but it taste good.

I would not like to make this again for my friends or family because… it’s too nice for them.

Thanks to Lucy, Kiersten, Leo, Callum, Rianna, Molly, Kemdi, Sidney and Faith.

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