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28 May 2014

Food Blogger Session, Class 2, Sallet Of Cold Hen - St Andrews CE Primary School

Today I tasted something from the Forty Hall Kitchen which has not been tasted for over 300 years. The name of this dish was Sallet (Salad) of Cold Hen.

The dish looked like … a lovely pot of food/salad/disgusting and weird/a nomel salad/chicken with salad/a yummy mountain.

It was very… lovely/tasty/sweet/yummy, and the texture was… hard & soft/amazing/smooth.

I thought it would taste… disgusting/mouldy/much different/horrible/spisy/like crunchy/bad, but after I tasted it it reminded me of… pooding/snails/chicken drumstick/my first roast/my first salad/when I was little/squisht lemon.

I was surprised that… it was lovely/it was so good/I liked it/it tasted different/it was big/it tasted nice/it was tasty/it tasted delicious.

I liked that… it had different types of flavour/it had chicken & onion/it was served nicely/I like the different flavour/it was smooth/it had lemon flavour.

Compared to my favourite modern dish it was… 5/10 for me/10 out of 10/lovely & delicious/sprislingly good/better.

I think the reason it is not eaten widely today is… because it hasn’t been eaten for over 300 years/it was weird/because the ingredients are too ispansive/because it is old fashioned/because it was from a long time ago/because it is like you would eat 40 years ago/because some of them I tasted was yucky.

I would like to make this again for my friends or family because… it was filling & jusy/its tasty.

I would not like to make this again for my friends or family because… they would faint/they wouldn’t like it.

Thanks to Adam G, Thomas, Callum, Maisie, Emily, Daniel and Daisy.

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