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23 May 2014

Food Blogger Session, Class 2, Marzipan Bacon - St Andrews CE Primary School

Today I tasted something from the Forty Hall Kitchen which has not been tasted for over 300 years. The name of this dish was Marzipan Bacon.

The dish looked like … cheese & torfee/real bacon but more squishy/bacon/cake/pink, yellow & white cake/pink cake/cheese.

It was very… sweet/soft/nice/scrumptious, and the texture was… smooth/creamy/rough/crumbly/crunchy.

I thought it would taste… disgusting/weird/like a sweetee/like strawberry cake/cake/like a jammy/disgusting, but after I tasted it it reminded me of… nothing/cakes/custard/custard & yogurt/shugar/sugary cake.

I was surprised that… it was so sweet/it was delicious/it was really nice/it tasted really sweet/it was not like cake/it was tasty.

I liked that… each 2nd layer was red/it was nice/it had lots of flavour/it looked nice/it lasted long in my mouth/it was sweet & nice/it looked like bacon/I liked nothing about it.

Compared to my favourite modern dish it was… nicer but stronger/not as good but it was ok/delicious, scrumptious & yummy/really nice/delicious, sweet & yummy/disgusting.

I think the reason it is not eaten widely today is… that people would think it is real bacon/because there is 30 children/because people don’t really do trick food anymore/because it is very old fashion/it’s so shugary/because it was the first time we tried it/because it’s a descise dish that maids make.

I would like to make this again for my friends or family because… it was fabulous/it’s delicious/it tasted lovely/it is sweet & delicious.

I would not like to make this again for my friends or family because… it was too sweet & I didn’t like it/I didn’t have much fun making it.

Thanks to Ben H, Lara, Ben R, Lucy, Jada, Alessia and Claire

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