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24 Jun 2013

Children In Knot At Forty Hall Garden

Please Note This Is A Press Archive. This Took Place In June 2013.

Children from eight local primary schools are taking part in a special project organised by Enfield Council in Forty Hall’s ‘Knot Garden’ which is teaching them about how to cultivate their own plants and the history of the hall.

Every school which took part was given a special selection of young plants which would have been cultivated locally during the 17th Century to plant in their own school to nurture before bringing it along to the hall to plant in the Knot Garden.

The children decided themselves how they wanted the plants to be arranged in their section and were encouraged to use literacy skills to research Elizabethan Knot Gardens and the uses of some of the fruits, flowers and herbs that they have helped grow.

Cllr Bambos Charalambous, Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Youth and Localism said “This is an interesting and hands on project which allows children to learn the history of the local area in such a fantastic way.

“Some of the plants being grown include chamomile, strawberry and English mint, all of which would have been grown locally during this period.

“Each Knot Garden Section will be labelled to show which school has designed, planted and nurtured it which will be on display until September, and all schools will have bedded in their sections by the end of July.

"Make sure you visit Forty Hall before September to see the students' hard work and to make the most of this ongoing community project!"

Notes to Editors:

The schools that took part were George Spicer Primary School, Chase Side Primary School, Suffolks Primary School, St Michael's Primary School, Honilands Primary School, Raglan Primary School, Bush Hill Park Primary School, Merryhills Primary School.

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