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22 Aug 2012

A Volunteer's View

In the latest of our volunteer case studies, Education Assistant Danielle Parker tells us about her experiences here at Forty Hall & Estate.

"The knowledge I have gained during my placement will be of much use..."

University student Danielle joined Forty Hall & Estate in July for a two-month placement when deciding on career choices, “I wanted to gain experience in teaching, and decide whether teaching is the right path for me”.

Being assigned with a variety of projects, including the research and development of historical lessons for Key Stage 3 and 4 aged students, has proved beneficial.

Aspiring history teacher Danielle hopes to use the employment skills gained through volunteering in the future, “I have gained much experience in the construction of lessons... I am aware of what is expected of a lesson and the changes in expectations for different age groups.”

Forty Hall & Estate offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for all interests. For more information about getting involved with us click here.

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