Work Experience Team - July 2018

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July 6, 2018, 2:23 p.m.

After a weeks work experience at Forty Hall, we have learned to lead and support education workshops with young children, expanding our knowledge of the 17th century, and Forty Hall's history as a whole. Working with young children has improved our patience and ability to act responsibly. It has also been beneficial to us all as we now know and understand how to support children with their learning.

Forty Hall was an enjoyable place to work as there are many educational activities for all ages. During our time here, as well as schools, we welcomed members of the public into the building to view the rooms of Sir Nicholas Rainton's house.

One of the school sessions we helped lead, was a day in the life of a Jacobean home. In this session, the children learned about Jacobean clothing, kitchens/meals, bedrooms, and the overall lifestyle of Sir Nicholas Rainton. They did this by shaking milk into butter, creating different styles of bread with salt dough, and visiting various rooms in the building, where the use of the rooms was described to them by us, or costumed volunteers here.

Another way Forty Hall was explored was through a school session based on plants which the children looked at through magnifying glasses and microscopes. They learned about the different parts of the plant and their functions by drawing what they saw from plants they had previously collected from the grounds of Forty Hall. The drawing in this article was done by Leyla during the plants session on Friday, and is of a brightly coloured pollen grain.

Article by, Leyla, Alex and Jake - Work experience students July 2018

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