This year meet The Meyers on our Candlelit Tour

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Dec. 8, 2017, 5:07 p.m.

Like many things in December The Candlelit Tours have become somewhat a tradition here at Forty Hall… this year will not disappoint.

The Candlelit Tour allows you to visit Forty Hall after hours and enjoy walking through the magnificent building, which exuberates a homely festive feeling throughout December.

As you make your way through the house following a very intriguing character you encounter more interesting people all with great tales to share with you.

This year the Tour follows past owners of Forty Hall The Meyers. Not only do you meet the characters and watch their story unfold you feel immersed and part of their story. Unsure what the next room will bring, the tour delights you with a full range of characters and personalities in each room. In full costume and full character they take you back to a Georgian Christmas, the year 1812 to be precise. It is a very exciting year in the house, as you discover the gossip, romances and the people behind Forty Hall.

You can expect to leave having laughed alongside learning something new. The tour is very funny and informative as the cast interact with each other in such a way that you cannot help but to chuckle. The facts and information you pick up along the way are great, you learn more about the lifestyle of the Georgian ear, the history of Forty Hall and the local area.

You are offered Mulled Wine at the end and invited to relax and chat with those who you attended with. This is no hassle at all…the Hall looks and smells beautiful with the Christmas decorations. It is the perfect way to feel festive!

The tour has been written and performed by the talented volunteers at Forty Hall. They have done an amazing job and should be very proud.

The Candlelit Tour is on till Sunday 10 December. Don’t miss out! Book your ticket here.

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