Finding Out About Forty Hall's Food Chains

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May 10, 2018, 7:42 a.m.

3 classes of Year 4 pupils from George Spicer School came to Forty Hall to find out about the food chains that exist on the estate.

Pupils found out about the types of animals people who lived in Forty Hall in the 1600s would have eaten by visiting the C17th style kitchen, the directions nutrients travel in a food chain, and what food chains and food webs are.

They played a 'chase' game on the lawn outside where they pretended to be rabbits, grass and foxes to see how population changes are interdependent.

Groups visited the meadow area, pond, kitchen and walled garden and completed a scavenger hunt in each to find images of four different sets of animals in the estate and order them into food chains.

Pupils wrote 'Thank you for all the good and fun things!', 'I had so much fun I would like to come again!' and 'it was good I had fun' and teachers described the days as 'excellent' and full of 'hands on, active learning'.

We love this photograph of pupils playing the Rabbits, Foxes and Grass' game and would like to thank George Spicer staff for sharing it. We hope to see George Spicer pupils at Forty Hall again soon!

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