Callout For Items To Be Displayed In Forty Hall

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Jan. 26, 2017, 2:58 p.m.

At Forty Hall we are planning some exciting changes to our heritage site interpretation. We aim to bring the stories of past residents from across the centuries to life with new room sets and objects, interpretation panels and audios.

Can you help?

We are looking to acquire loans. These items will be on display for the public to engage with and we will supplement them with research, stories and further interpretation. Whilst original pieces are preferred, we are also interested in replica pieces. We are currently looking to source:

  • Early- 17th Century: Dining pieces, a small table, rug, tapestry and longcase clock.
  • Mid-18th Century: Tea set, writing desk, glass case for plants (Wardian Case), garden related plans and plant specimen books.
  • Early-19th Century: Grandfather Clock, cabinet with glass doors, Breakfast Room table with coffee set, Newspapers, Dutch School style painting or replica, Dutch style Delftware vase or replica, silver candlesticks, silver trays, rug, Chinese style vase, silver coffee set and brass low fireplace guard.
  • Late-19th Century: Apron, bonnet, dress, petticoat, trunk, cloth doll, brush and pan, soap tin, small sweeping brush, bucket, tin plate and spoon, postcards and Christmas cards.
  • Late 1930s (but for the home of an older gentleman) Radio, clock, chair, table, cabinet, shelves, lamp, lampshade, books, paintings, mirror, rug, photo frames, fireside equipment.

Additionally, any adult or children’s costume items relating to the above periods would be much appreciated.

If you have the following items and are interested in having them on display in Forty Hall or would like to find out more please contact either

Helen Hamlyn / 020 8379 5500 or

Hatice Abdullah — / 020 8379 1467

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