Bugs For Dinner!

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July 5, 2018, 7:35 a.m.

On Sunday we had our 'Bugs For Dinner!' Bug Club.

The children found out about which 'tools' different creatures from the estate use to help them eat as their 'cutlery', for example Green Woodpeckers use their strong beaks to dig out tasty ants from underground ants' nests, spiders use sticky thread to catch their prey in webs and frogs shoot out their long tongues to grab small flies. They had fun playing a game about this using party blowers, fishing line and lolly sticks and plastic insects, pretending to be the creatures catching and eating their food.

Next we went outside under the willow tree to find more animal and bird friends. The children gave out paper plates to each creature then had to choose and guess from our 'munch market' which edible each creature would like. The sumptuous snacks included model slugs, snails, shellfish, carrion, algae, pumpkin seeds, ants, dung and much more! They were dished out to each creature. Children supplemented the model food by foraging for more items for the feast. While we were looking around the area we chanced upon a spidersweb with a caterpillar caught in it. The children were sad to predict the caterpillar's fate but excited to see how strong the web was and to see it in action.

Back inside, children each juiced an orange-half saving the juice by tipping it into a big jug. They filled their empty peel 'dish' with some seeds and fat for birds to eat and pierced holes and tied on strings to make biodegradable bird feeders to take home. They shared the orange juice which was very refreshing after all of this hard work!

Thank you to everyone who came to this week's Bug Club and thank you to Nadia Sommella, our volunteer, who made the amazing model insects and food items by hand for the children and other resources.


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