Tales from Enfield History

Join local hsitory guide Joe Studman for a series of insightful illustrated talks that explore Enfield's rich history Enfield's rich history.

From Poor Law to LBE50

Wednesday 20th July

7.30pm - 8.30pm | £5

The London Borough of Enfield is 50 years old. How did local politics evolve from the old Manor Courts and when did the welfare of the people come under its umbrella?

This talk tries to explain the development of parish democracy. Whether it works is your decision.

Why is Enfield important in British History

Wednesday 21st September

7.30pm  - 8.30pm | £5

From The Romans to the 21st century Enfield has played influential roles in national events.

Come and hear the evidence and leave with an increased pride in your Borough.


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Wonderful exhibition! Keep up the amazing work! Merci